Mobile Forging Manipulators

The company offers a full range of mobile wheel manipulators from 4 to 40 ton. The main characteristics of these manipulators are:

- robust construction

- compact size and manoeuvrability

- hydraulic and electric commands at high dynamics and precision, controlled by PLC

- automatic cycles to control clamp and spindle

- diagnostics control system

- soundproofed and air-conditioned cabin

- availability of components for easy maintenance

- clamps and handling device realized on specific necessities of customer.

Manipulators can be operated by electric motors powered by aerial cable, diesel / gas motors, traction with batteries. All manipulators are customizable to customer requirements.

Rail Forging Manipulators
The company is involved in revamping and integration of railbound manipulators, with capacity from 1 to 40 tons.