Automatic straightening plants

The company Vecchiato Officine Meccaniche srl manufactures straightening machines for bars, rods, plates, rolled or forged rails of different sizes depending on customer needs. The straightening process is fully automatic, the straightening machine through the sensors detects the points where the material requires straightening, the information is processed and it is determined the best sequence of straightening.

Operation of the machine

  1. Positioning bar to be straightened on the loading table
  2. Laser scanning of the entire length of the bar
  3. Determination of the position and extent of the shots to be applied for straightening thanks to a powerful software
  4. Blocking of the bar by the manipulator and the automatic straightening starts

The machine can work in two modes:

  • assisted mode (semi-automatic)
  • automatic mode

Main machine components

  • Loading roller chain with pusher designed to ensure an autonomy of the machine of about 1.5 h
  • Laser measure system
  • Hydraulic press with servo cylinder
  • System for rotation of the pieces
  • Unloading roller conveyor with pusher
  • Unloading cradle for the straightened bars
  • PLC and CNC Siemens control


The company Vecchiato Officine Meccaniche srl manufactures hydraulic presses with carts for stacking of laminated cores for large electrical motors.

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