CNC precision machining

3D measuring

Our state of the art includes an air-conditioned metrology room which is fully equipped with the most technically advanced instruments. Coupled with highly qualifi ed personnel and sophisticated and developed monitoring system, we are able to guarantee products of the highest quality and to certifi cate them. Test on material by non distructive tests – magnetoscopic and dye penetrants.

Dimensional check for third parties.

Dea mod.Delta

Vecchiato Officine Meccaniche has installed in a metrology lab a three-dimensional measuring machine CNC DEA model. DELTA. In this way, the company is able to supply components dimensionally checked or do dimensional controls on the parts providing the dimensional certificates to the customers.

Max measurement dimensions:

  • longitudinal stroke 5000 mm
  • vertical stroke 1800 mm
  • trasversal stroke 2500 mm
  • measuring head with automatic orientation
  • software PC-DMIS

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