CNC precision machining

CNC precision machining

Vecchiato Officine Meccaniche is able to carry out  mechanical machinings of medium and large size parts with high quality standards and requirements.

The experience acquired over the years combined with the continuous improvement and renovation of production technologies offer the opportunity to provide mechanical machinings of high precision and quality, providing the own know how to suggest new solutions, to optimize the production process and to bring innovation.

Thanks to the diversified machinery park, Vecchiato Officine Meccaniche can carry out different kinds of mechanical machinings:

- Turning machinings for third parties, orizontal up to diameter of 180014000 mm, payload 40 ton, and vertical up to a diameter of 3300x2700 mm, payload of 25 ton

- Milling machinings for third parties up to 18000 mm by a maximum height of 5000 mm and a payload of 100 ton

- It has an assembly department with "covered hole" for mounting big dimension machinery (with hight up to 10 meters)

- It has lifting means up to 100 ton

- Total area 15000 m², covered area 7000 m²

To certify the precision of the mechanical finishings, our state of the art includes an air-conditioned metrology room which is fully equipped with the most technically advanced instruments and a 3D measuring machine DEA. In addition to this the company has a testing and quality control department.

The manufactured parts find their application in: naval construction, power generation (turbo gas, turno steam, wind, hydro-electric), siderurgy, oil and gas, general mechanics.