Designed and manufactured in 12 months, the new open die forging press type P1500 is equipped with mineral oil base Hydraulic Drive type HP3 (Vecchiato Patent) which guarantees high performance with lower installed power. The press has the following characteristics:

  • Forging force 1.500 ton
  • Penetration speed 120 mm / sec
  • Cadence in finishing 100 strokes / min
  • Control Manual / Semi-Auto / Automatic
  • Installed power 600 kW (inverter drive x cosfi = 1)
  • die storage with 3 tooling set holding
  • Automatic top die locking system
  • Pyrometer online
  • Tele-Service

 Thanks to the improved performance in the cogging and finishing phase, this press is very versatile both for processing conventional steels (ie carbon steel, low alloy and QT high alloy) and for efficiently forging of tool steels and nickel based alloys, guaranteeing the production in a single heating cycle

The next step investment will foresee a brand new 10ton integrated rail bound manipulator, again engineered & manufactured by Officine Vecchiato

HP3Drive ®


Manufactured in less than 12 months, the G124 E mobile forging manipulator has the following features:

  • 12 ton loading capacity
  • 24 ton * m loading moment
  • compact design to operate in limited environments
  • 4.0 Ready upon CANBUS / WLAN communication with press, data exchange:
    a) spindle rotation with position control, preset positioning and zeroing
    b) tilting with position control and zeroing
    c) variable clamping pressure with torque preset
  • Tele-Service

 The new investment, synonymous with rigidity, reliability and high performances, has been engineered and manufactured into Vecchiato Workshop.

2018 saw the birth of two twin manipulators, both delivered to Italian customers


pannello operatore interfaccia manipolatore                  aaa

operating panel manipulator interface                                            remote panel manipulator interface

For improving the machining of complex, large and heavy components, Vecchiato Off. Mecc. has recently installed a new  modular multi task machining centre, WEINGÄRTNER MPMC 1200

max. O.D.[mm]

max. length[mm]

max. weight[tons]




 The new investment, synonymous with rigid, reliable high performance machine tools, shall be capable to manage autonomously turning, milling, contouring, boring, drilling, threading, ect. By an automatic tool changer

Assembled and commissioned in just 2 months the "just born" 10Mn Automatic Straiightening Machine from Vecchiato Officine Meccaniche Srl, can handle round/square and rectangular bars of 14 MT up to 15 ton weight.

Capable to process forged/rolled material in the range  150mm - 400mm, has recently got the final acceptance from customer by performing an automatic straightening cycle on a diam. 360mm x 8m bar in less then 4mins.

Cycle start from laser scan/measure  of incoming bar, sw elaboration of straightening route, press self-positioning and deforming according to program.

Equipment is fully engineered, manufactured and tested in our workshop.

From 14-18 May 2018 it will take place the 19th edition of Metalloobrabotka at Expocentre Moscow, one of the most important Russian Trade Fair related to Metal Industry & Metal Working
We are very glad of inviting you at this important event, to show our most recent developments in forging & straightening technology.

On-line the new web site of Vecchiato Srl. It has been realized with responsive technology, and shows in a clear and easy way all the range of the products. Vecchiato offers to the international market all its product characterized by high quality and unic specialization.

In less than two months, Vecchiato performed the revamping of the Diesel automanipulator 30 ton, complete disassembling of all the groups: levers, wheels, cabin, engine, hydraulic, elctric, reconditioning and mounting of all these parts, mechanical and hydraulic improvents aimed at greater machine efficiency, with final acceptance at customer.

Realization of a new Gag Press for Straightness Detection and Straightening of Rough Railway Axles. For more information visit section of Special machines, Straightening Machines.

Construction of a new loading machine of 20 ton for ingots handling. For more information please visit forging machines section.

Installation of a new open die forging press of 2500 ton. Per maggiori informazioni si rimanda alla sezione For more information, please visit forging machines section presses.